UBL Insurers Ltd. signs an agreement with TPL Trakker Ltd. for Vehicle Tracking Services

An agreeubl-c-track-financing-tpl-trakker2ment was signed by Mr. Ali Jameel, CEO, TPL Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. and Mr. Shariq Abdullah, CEO, UBL Insurers Ltd. for the provision of vehicle tracking services for cars being insured by UBL Insurers.
Speaking at the occasion Mr. Ali Jameel said “TPL Trakker and UBL Insurers are jointly working towards achieving their common vision of creating convenience and adding value to the services for customers.
UBL Insurers will be protected against white collar crime and its customers will be able to monitor their vehicles to greatly minimize the risk of vehicles being stolen.”

TPL Trakker Ltd. is a subsidiary of TPL Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. and is Pakistan’s first and largest vehicle tracking company with over 150,000 customers. UBL Insurers Ltd. is a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Group and is an associate of United Bank Ltd.

In the picture: Mr. Ali Jameel, CEO – TPL Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. (Sitting 3rd from left) and Mr. Shariq Abdullah, CEO – UBL Insurers Ltd. (Sitting 4th from left) flanked by their team members.

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